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Chef de Cuisine Alessandro Dal Degan

Born in Turin on April 24, 1981, his family came from Gallio on the Asiago plateau. Alessandro Dal Degan attended the Hotel School IPSSAR B. Buontalenti in Florence.
"Why this  my passion for cooking?  I inherited it from my  family and it could not be otherwise with a mother and both grandmothers cook well-versed in the kitchen. Once finished  the school  I soon started to lead the restaurant" Macchiaioli "in Sesto Fiorentino: experience lasted until 2005.
In those three years I started a process of self-education, inspired and driven by passion.
Closed  my experience at the "Macchiaioli" I  lived a new adventure: sous-chef at the restaurant "Al Gallopapa" in Castellina in Chianti.

In 2008 I came back home in Asiago. First I worked  at the restaurant "Da Riccardo to Maddarello", then as a chef at the restaurant "St. Hubertus" of the Hotel Europe . On December of 2009 I  began to lead the kitchen of the restaurant" La Tana " in the Sporting Residence Hotel of Asiago.
I'm very interested in Italian and Japanese food culture and I love the study of chemistry and physics related to food and cooking.

My goal is to take a path of quality that has as its objective the promotion of the cuisine and local produce of the Asiago Plateau, revisiting the gastronomic history of the land where I work and where I come from with my ideas and my philosophy ".
My relationship with Villa del Quar started  in 2013, an interesting evolution of my career as a collaboration between the two companies.

Gennaro Vitto, 28 years


















































































































































old from Apulia, takes with enthusiasm and great sense of responsibility this important and prestigious position, rich in international experiences acquired over the years, mainly in France.

He started in the laboratory of his father Franco, great "artisan of taste" in Bari, in the traditional family's ice cream shop. This is the first experience of extraordinary importance but Gennaro already felt the need to face, understand and try out different styles, to interpret the culture of taste.Divided between school and job, he started to live properly his region and his town . In 1998 he began by Raffaele Digiuseppe, at that time Executive Chef in the luxurious Sheraton "Nicolaus" (5 * L) and still a great interpreter of Mediterranean cuisine. Here burst "passion" that will lead him in 1999 to Milan,  in the kitchen of the famous "Giannino" directed by Antonio Marangi "a different chef, a great man who first welcomed me as a child” says Gennaro “I was not yet of age, he taught me the importance of dedication and perseverance for a whole year."Then he went aboard the "Timeless Temple of Gastronomy ." He made his debut at the historic "Royal Monceau Hotel" (5 * L) of Paris, where he worked for almost two years in the starred Italian restaurant (1 * Michelin) "Carpaccio" (from 2000 to 2002). He gained the respect of French colleagues, they gave him confidence and strength to keep on. Then he knew the person that he still consider his foreign adoptive father "Alain Soliveres" Chef of the great "Taillevent" (3 * Michelin), he is a serious charismatic man who, form the 2002 to 2004, recommend him, reproaches him, and finally lets him go to "Alain Ducasse" (3 * Michelin), where he remained from 2004 to 2005. Then he worked with "Yannich Alleno" (3 * Michelin), at the time the most fashionable hotel, where he reached the position of junior sous chef (from 2005 to 2007).This was the last experience in French, after seven years of extreme sensations, Gennaro says: "after all these years I could not get away from Paris, I was interested in anything outside of that environment. Who helped me come out this situation was "Olivier Guyon," the historic right-hand man of "Soliveres", who took me with him at the beginning of 2007 in a beautiful restaurant set in the early twentieth century, seafood's  gourmets of the capital preferred place, "Maison Prunier," (2 * michelin), and he remained there until March 2008 as a junior sous chef. His willingness and openness brought him for a year and half in Spain, between Barcelona and Madrid, attracted by the different trends that he wants to know more. He came back to Italy where he showed his skills by "Damiano Nigro," here he stayed for two years, from 2008 to 2010. In 2011 he returned to Milan where he seeks for solutions that go beyond the strict sense of gastronomic luxury. He focused on olfactory sensations, on the perfumes, he wanted to be part of research laboratories in food sector, and here he met Professor "Fernando Tateo" Professor of Food Science and Technology University of Milan, who immediately told him: "dear Gennaro here we can not tell people lies, then consider how we can really be helpful to the people and you'll have all our real support".So  the experiments in laboratories have begun, the first collaborations between science and cooking with teaching appointments in food companies linked to universities, in research and development, that moved his centre of gravity from a purely hedonistic tendencies to the melting between the study criteria and aesthetics . His experience, his knowledge, let him accept, in February 2012, the proposal of the Montresor family as Chef de Cuisine in the elegant setting of Villa del Quar:

“My most frequent thoughts are those related to the ability to make concepts concrete, to join different and distant worlds together, it is for me a desire just create the true luxury”