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  • Can I book a stay online?

You can book online using the following methods:

All booking systems are real-time dialog with Hotel Villa del Quar management, ensuring the availability of the facilities you book.

Book online at:

For any information you may feel necessary we would ask you to call:
+39 0456800681

  • Can you help guests to plan visits and excursions in the area?

Yes, with pleasure. We can even plan whatever you need prior to your arrival such as excursions and visits (with professional guides). We have a profound knowledge of this area and the history, culture and art that characterize it. Once you have arrived with us, you can have a look at the books in our library to give you some ideas. We can also send you all the maps of the tours that you may be interested in.

  • Can you arrange helicopter transfers?

Yes, this is possible. The hotel has its own landing pad which can only be used during the day. We have an agreement with a helicopter-taxi company, which will be happy to provide a quote for the transfers you require.

  • Is it possible to organize wine tasting in your hotel?

Yes, this is possible. We are also producers of 3 wines: Ausia, Satyrus and Sublitis. We can arrange some finger food and amuses bouche in the ancient Roman cellar, for up to 20 people at a wine-tasting. In addition to this, we can arrange a special wine tasting dinner with dishes that are specifically paired with our wines.

  • Is it possible to book the Villa, or parts of it, exclusively for one or more days?

Yes, this is possible. Reserve the whole villa (hotel, restaurant and park) or book just the north wing (14 rooms) and the lounge, or the west wing (5 suites and the porch lounge). We can provide you with a quotation according to your needs.

  • Is it possible to organize cooking classes at Villa del Quar?

Certainly, they will be kept by the chef and his brigade in the kitchen for a maximum of 20 people. All participants will discover the secrets of Italian cuisine with an eye for pasta making. We recommend you to book your lesson in advance.

  • Are there cycle paths nearby?

Absolutely yes. Along the river Mincio, Lake Garda and Valpolicella. All the cycle paths are easy to reach from Villa del Quar; you can also rent bikes from our reception and you can be in Verona in around 40 minutes by bicycle.

  • Is it possible to book cars and driver service for our trips?

Yes, this is possible. We have a special agreement with a company that provides cars with a driver (they also speak English). They can be at your disposal all day. We can also arrange transfers to and from the airport at Villa del Quar.

  • What does Quar mean ?

Quar means “fourth mile from the city of Verona”.
Along its ancient walls runs a Roman Imperial road: Claudia Augusta (47th A.C.).

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