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A unique location with the comfort of a 5 star hotel


If you are thinking of renting a Veneto Villa for a day with catering, the average cost is around 3,000/5,000 €. If you deduct this amount from our Exclusive Villa cost and divide the result for our 25 rooms and Suites, the result would be the price you would pay for hotels in Verona City just for one room, with the additional cost of travelling to the Villa del Quar.


All the communal rooms within this exclusive Villa (900 square meters) are exquisitely furnished unlike many of the Villas that are rented out with a catering service which are often furnished for the occasion and do not have staff who are available 24 hours a day.

In most rented villas, the music usually has to end at midnight, whilst at the Villa del Quar, there is no time limit provided the volume is reduced after midnight.



All the rooms at the Villa del Quar are fully air-conditioned throughout the summer and in winter, the rooms are centrally heated to ensure the warmth and comfort of our guests.
We always have an alternative plan in case of bad weather. We can accommodate up to 150 people inside the Villa as all the rooms are large and spacious. You may be tempted by a beautiful building with impressive architecture but it may not be lived in on a regular basis and thus lacks the tasteful furnishings and the excellent service that the Villa del Quar can offer for your special event. We can also offer you the security of knowing that your event will go ahead indoors or outdoors, whatever the weather.

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