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  • Meeting Room Barchessa
    This meeting room for presentations and conferences has an area of 150 m² and is located in the west wing of the Villa. It can accommodate up to 120 people and, if necessary, it can be partitioned into 2 smaller rooms. We can arrange the room in the style of a theatre, a U-shape, like a classroom or boardroom – whatever your preference may be. Basic equipment such as a blackboard, screen, overhead projector and microphone are included in the use of the room. Upon request, other technological equipment can be provided. Free Wi-fi is available.
  • Tea room
    This 60 m² room is ideal for individual or private meetings. It is in the most secluded part of the hotel and the car park inside the Brolo walls is able to provide the utmost privacy. The Tea Room can become a living space with a dining area for extremely exclusive private events. Situated in front of the pool, the terrace is a great place to relax and enjoy the "Comfort Food" that can be served to you by the Gazebo staff.
  • Medioeval hall
    The Porch or Medieval Hall is a room of about 100 m², ideal for business meetings, small exhibitions or ceremonies. The large windows to the inner garden of the Villa guarantee a light and airy space in which to hold your event. The Hall includes a large living space where modern and antique furnishings are tastefully combined to emphasise the feeling of space and antique charm. This room is sometimes used for the celebration of civil marriages. The bride can descend an ancient staircase towards the assembled guests.
  • Eurosia hall
    The Eurosia Room was originally the Villa’s eighteenth-century chapel and has capacity to accommodate up to 50 people in an area of 70 m² making it the ideal location for the most exclusive events. Meetings, conferences and presentations can be organized by arranging the space in the same way as a meeting room. The most impressive feature is the ability to lay an imperial table with large silver candlesticks, candles and flowers for up to 25 people. The charming impression that comes from this layout is extraordinary and has a strong emotional impact for guests.
  • The gardens
    For large exhibitions, receptions and events we can also make our outdoor spaces available consisting of a 15,000 m² park and 15,000 m² garden. These exteriors are perfectly customizable, we can mount tensile structures, stages or gazeboes, set up reception tables or cocktail parties with table or buffet service. Also in case of bad weather we always provide for a plan B that can accommodate all the guests inside the villa.
  • La serra
    Beautifully constructed out of iron and glass, fully air conditioned, enhanced by tropical plants and flowers, situated between the main hall and the garden. The maximum capacity is 130 people and this venue is particularly suitable for events and weddings. In summer, the sliding glass doors can be opened and the inner garden becomes a continuation of the exterior garden. The glass walls allow guests to enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by nature even when the sliding doors are closed. The glass roof provides natural light throughout the day and adds to the feeling of space and airiness.
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