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Wha to see and to do during you stay

One of the most beautiful locations of Italy


Villa del Quar is situated in a strategic location in the Veneto region near the crossroads of two main highways in an area of Italy that is richly populated by medieval villages, castles, churches, typical Venetian villas and major cities such as Venice which is renowned worldwide for its important artistic and cultural heritage. Many of the noteworthy destinations near Villa del Quar are under the protection of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites. Such a wealth of history makes this region one of the richest in the world with regard to unforgettable places to visit.


So many interesting sites are reasonably close to the Villa del Quar, ranging from the nearby Villa Santa Sofia del Palladio which is just a 10 minutes’ walk to a maximum of 100 kilometres (an hour and a half’s drive) for some of the larger cities and attractions.

The area around the Villa del Quar is well served by many of the major highways and the Hotel also has a helipad for landing helicopters. The Aeroclub is only 4 kilometres away and Verona’s international airport, “Valerio Catullo,” is just 18 kilometres from the Villa.


Because the landscape in this part of Italy is so beautiful, so rich in art and culture, visitors almost find themselves travelling around a large museum as they enjoy all there is to see and do near the Villa del Quar. But, there is actually so much to see, it is worth booking a few days with us to ensure that you do get to experience as many of the beautiful places and buildings as possible.

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