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Lake Garda

One of the most famous lakes in the world


Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake covering an area of about 370 square kilometres which encompasses 3 regions: Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto. It is only 20 kilometres from Villa del Quar.
This part of Italy enjoys a wonderful climate which enables olive trees and cypresses to grow with ease. It is a land of magnificent scenery, with the lush mountainsides soaring high up above the water. This region’s boundaries end towards the plains where you can find the gem off Sirmione, a peninsula where the famous Catullus built his villa in Roman times.
It is possible to travel around the lake’s perimeter in just one day.


The following links propose two routes for visiting some of the most popular towns on the lake as well as a route covering the full circumference of the lake:

Discover the best of Lake Garda

Discover the tour of the perimeter

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