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medieval villages

Let us introduce you to the finest villages in the Veneto Region





Borghetto is a wonderfully romantic village enclosed by ancient medieval walls not far from Valeggio sul Mincio (another village with a 13th-century Scaligero castle).
During that period, it was transformed into a fortified village with two access doors and a polygonal circular wall with towers surrounded by a ditch that draws water from the River Mincio, which, at Borghetto, forms two small cascades of water with a ford. Above the small village, there is a Visconti bridge of about 1 km which is especially charming and contributes to the picturesque atmosphere.

There is a cycle path that runs along the river bank connecting Lake Garda with Mantua. Borghetto is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. On May 30th, 1796, Napoleon defeated the Austrians; on April 9, 1848, there was a clash between Piedmontese and the Austrians who damaged the ancient wooden bridge as they retreated. There are several small restaurants along the river bank which specialise in typical local cuisine, paying particular attention to the famous Tortellini (made with egg pasta and usually stuffed with meat).

The “Day of Love Knots” is held on the third Tuesday of June and holds a Guinness World Record table on the Visconti Bridge where the Tortellini of Valeggio sul Mincio were served to more than 4,000 diners.





Bassano is a fabulous little town located in the province of Vicenza. The historic city centre is really worth a visit to see its great squares as well as the fantastic castle. The town’s flagship is certainly the Ponte degli Alpini or Ponte Vecchio, designed by Palladio. This was destroyed during the first World War but was subsequently rebuilt exactly as it had been before the War.




Asolo is Treviso’s jewel on the top of a hill. The town is almost unchanged from its medieval structure and its Renaissance decorations. It is still possible today to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that in past centuries attracted so many visitors who then decided to live here, amongst them, the great Eleonora Duse. Thanks to Catherine Cornaro, the last Queen of Cyprus, Asolo enjoyed her most splendid period and subsequently became known throughout the centuries, as a destination for the literati and artists. The Rocca dominates the town, and a must-see is the Cathedral in which the altar piece by Lorenzo Lotto is beautifully preserved. We would also recommend a visit to the church of S.Caterina d’Alessandria with its remarkable frescoes and the Palazzo della Ragione with its frescoed loggia.


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