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Arquade Restaurant


  • One of the best gourmet restaurant of Verona

    “Quar” actually refers to the four miles between the Villa and the city of Verona (which was the second largest city of the Roman Empire). Along its walls runs the imperial road named Claudia Augusta.
    The building was started during the Roman Empire, originally as a “Mansio” (from the Latin “manere” meaning to stay). It then became a "Scaligero" Castle in the 12th century and is now recognised as a Venetian villa and national monument.
    Our dishes pay tribute to our history, using recipes which date back to the time of Imperial Rome. Our philosophy is: "simple luxury" which means discreet, attentive and elegant service, amazing dishes for flavours and colours all perfectly matched with local wines. Because we want to give you an unforgettable experience.
    The Arquade Restaurant is the most romantic dinner venue in Valpolicella and Verona, settled in the tranquillity of the countryside amongst the vineyards and enriched by a beautiful flower garden during the summer months. Upon arrival, you will be greeted warmly by our professional staff.
    If you have never stayed with us before, you will be amazed by the delightful atmosphere and the elegance of the furnishings. During the spring and summer months, you can also dine outside in the garden enjoying the delights of our wonderful microclimate.
  • The cuisine

    All our dishes are made with seasonal fruits and vegetables. From Marcus Gavius Apicius, selected by our chef,  our Imperial Roman menu showcases dishes that will surprise you with their elegance and sophistication in conjunction with our own wines which are labelled in Latin (Ausia, Satyrus and Sublitys).
    There is the opportunity to try a tasting menu sampling the very best of our culinary tradition together with some famous local wines (Amarone, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Recioto).
    There is also a Tasting Menu based on typical Italian Mediterranean cuisine which is rich in quality and uses typical products in accordance with local traditions, perfectly complemented by some of the best wines in Italy.
    We can also offer a Gourmet Menu with dishes created by the Chef using special techniques, effects and flavours that will take your breath away.
    Please note that reservations for groups over 8 people have to agree on a separate menu and a related price, an advance booking of minimum 24 hours is required and a credit card number to guarantee the reservation.
  • The Chef

    Since the restaurant’s opening in 1993, several famous chefs have worked at our restaurant: Raffaele Liuzzi, Fulvio De Santa, Giuseppe Sestito and Bruno Barbieri. Now , a young, very promising and talented chef with a great talent for creating the perfect balance between flavours and colours in the presentation of his dishes is in charge of the Villa’s kitchens. Our goal at the Arquade Restaurant is to surprise our guests with an original cuisine, envelop them with a sensation of well-being and delight them with our excellent customer service. This is not a show kitchen but a proper kitchen with the extraordinary ability to combine mouth-watering flavours, scents, colours and exceptional technique. Very few chefs possess all these gifts and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the dishes that come to your table from our very special kitchen.
  • (Italiano)

    Il Gazebo

    Il "Gazebo" è il ristorante all’aperto ai bordi della piscina per il pranzo del pomeriggio nella fresca ombra di un berceau.


  • (Italiano)

    Il Giardino

    Cosa c’è di più bello di poter pranzare o cenare d’estate “al fresco” tra il verde degli alberi e sui prati a diretto contatto con la natura? Pochissimi sono i ristoranti in Valpolicella e Verona che possono godere di un giardino come location naturale per pranzi e cene a lume di candela.
    Per chi ama la campagna godere del verde e degli spazi esterni è fondamentale, riscaldati dal sole, accarezzati da una dolce brezza e coccolati dal nostro personale.
    Cenare in giardino è un’esperienza romantica, tra profumi inebrianti e spettacolare microclima, sarà una perfetta cornice nelle belle serate estive.
  • (Italiano)

    Una giornata di svago e Relax in Piscina

    Vieni a Villa del Quar nella quiete della campagna, perchè restare in città a soffrire il caldo nel traffico caotico e rumoroso?

    per maggiori informazioni 
  • (Italiano)

    La Cantina di epoca romana

    Da un portico cinquecentesco, si accede a quella che, anche in origine, era stata la cantina della Villa, “la caneva” che ospitava i tini e le botti, con l’imponente soffitto a volte atto a contribuire al microclima necessario alla cantina.

    Oggi nella Cantina Di Villa del Quar potrete degustare i pregiati vini custoditi.
  • The dining areas

    We can also provide very elegant spaces for refined dining and a more modern dining area. The atmosphere is magical both in the main salons of this Venetian villa and in the Glasshouse where you will be surrounded by tropical plants and flowers. The beautifully kept garden with its intoxicating scents and spectacular microclimate is the perfect setting on a beautiful summer evening. The "Gazebo" is the outdoor restaurant at the edge of the pool where you can enjoy lunch followed by an afternoon relaxing in the cool shade under a sun umbrella or under the trees.
  • Bar Salgari

    Intimo e accogliente, il luogo ideale per gustare cocktail delicati
  • (Italiano)

    Sala Eurosia

    Era l’antica cappella settecentesca della villa; il soffitto è a volta, le finestre hanno contorni in tufo e con disegno tipico dell’epoca Luigi XVI.
  • <h3>Sala Tresor</h3>
    Una sala intima e accogliente, ricca di dettagli per una cena romantica e riservata.

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