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From the grower to the consumer


In our estates in Valpolicella we have managed to create three grape blends with which we produce three absolutely fantastic wines.
We are on a Roman road, the Villa was a mansion dating back to Roman times; so it is logical that our wines have their labels in Latin and they represent satyrs (Satyrus), Roman landscapes (Sublytis) and nymphs (Ausia).

Satyrus is a young Valpolicella, Ausia is a white wine from a cloned red blend (rondinella) and Sublitis is made with the same techniques as the Amarone wine, adding further deeper flavour to obtain a wine that is more attractive to international tastes.
Using these three wines, we can arrange a fantastic wine tasting with various amuses bouche and finger food specifically designed to get the best possible combination of food and wine. Part of our vineyards are inside the walls of Villa del Quar.
Our wines can be purchased in our hotel and are also shipped around the world.



Below are the cards of our three wines:


AUSIA – 2012

Ausia is a fine white wine with delicious and sour fruity notes, perceptible to both the nose and its persistence in the mouth, well balanced by crisp acidity and a strong minerality that gives it a beautiful elegance and makes for easy drinking; it is perfect for aperitifs as well as complementing a wide range of dishes thanks to its versatility.


SATYRUS – 2012

Satyrus is a young red wine with a fine texture, a pleasantly cool taste and fruity notes. It is characterized by an elegant simplicity that gives it great drinkability, making it suitable for any time of day, from aperitif to a main meal, and at any time of the year, even on a hot summer’s day, for example, if served at a cooler temperature.



Sublitis is a wine with an elegantly powerful structure that envelops the mouth with its richness and caresses the tongue with its perfectly velvety tannins. A wine with the taste and persistence characterized by a beautiful fruit supported by a very complex and sensual rich bouquet, with spicy and roasted aromas.

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