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Indoor dining rooms

Elegant rooms for special occasion


The Arquade Restaurant is composed of several distinct areas where you can enjoy fine dining, have lunch, organize cocktails, brunches and various other events:


The glasshouse


Beautifully constructed out of iron and glass, fully air conditioned, enhanced by tropical plants and flowers, situated between the main hall and the garden.
The maximum capacity is 130 people and this venue is particularly suitable for events and weddings.
In summer, the sliding glass doors can be opened and the inner garden becomes a continuation of the exterior garden. The glass walls allow guests to enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by nature even when the sliding doors are closed.
The glass roof provides natural light throughout the day and adds to the feeling of space and airiness.



Sala Tresor


The original ancient splendour of the Tresor Room was refurbished by demolishing the ceiling in concrete cladding and replacing it with an antique wooden structure, consisting of squared larch beams with a beautiful old patina combined with wood from fir trees to recreate the typical style of ceiling which was prevalent in the Venetian area.
Most of the furnishings, including prints, picture frames, candlesticks, tables, chairs and curtains, are from the empire or directorial age and coexist happily with the contrast of modern glass and brass elements that create a very pleasant atmosphere. The flooring is made with “seminato alla Veneziana” which is a typical design of that period. This room has the capacity to accommodate 25/30 people.



Sala Eurosia


This was the eighteenth-century chapel belonging to the villa; the ceiling is vaulted, the windows have beautiful hand-made frames and the room follows a typical design of Louis XVI.
There is a mirror in the entrance which creates a sensation of additional space, making the room seem even larger than it actually is.
The hangings are in royal blue tones and there are four monumental torches which originally came from a Venetian palace.
In the middle of the room, there is a majestic chandelier of Murano glass which resembles and reflects the tones and colours of the “seminato alla Veneziana” flooring.
The walls are hung with prints and paintings. Everything about the Sala Eurosia is light and bright. In view of its size, it lends itself perfectly to hosting the most exclusive Events. The room can accommodate up to 50 people.
Maximum enchantment is achieved by setting an impressive table with large silver candlesticks, candles and flowers for up to 25 people.
The charming and elegant atmosphere generated by this setting is quite extraordinary and it has a strong emotional impact on our guests.


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