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villa del quar

Romantic luxury hotel in Italy’s Amarone wine region


Why choose us?


Because Villa del Quar is a National Monument that is truly worth seeing. It is steeped in Italy’s cultural history and heritage which inspired me, the owner, an architect by profession, to restore this beautiful building paying minute attention to the use of ancient materials and antique furnishings that would perfectly complement the villa’s past. My primary intention was to recreate the atmosphere of the past in accordance with the philosophy of Carlo Scarpa, a world-renowned architect who was my teacher at the University of Architecture in Venice, which highlights the fascinating contrast between ancient and modern in historical buildings.


Because we are amongst the very few hotels in the world which has antique headboards throughout on which we used precious silks mixed with rich velvet fabrics to obtain a “shot” effect that reflects Paolo Veronese’s pictorial tradition which adds great charm to every room.



Because of the mild climate and the beauty of this place. Here you can enjoy a wonderfully intimate relationship with the surrounding nature as is traditional for Venetian villas and the villas of the Roman era.
Because of the gentle sounds of the country and because of the beautiful gardens in bloom which will relax your mind and help you to find yourself.
Because it is a magical place that you will want to come back to time and time again.
Because I love telling our clients the stories and anecdotes that have contributed to the rich and varied history of this magnificent building and the wealth of art and culture that is on our doorstep.
Because we will make you feel so welcome and completely at home.

Arch. Leopoldo Montresor
“We love with the heart, but first we wish with our eyes”

Our benefits:

  • A Wonderful microclimate with cooler temperatures in the evening coupled with the fresh breezes descending from the Lessini mountains
  • Noise level equal to a maximum of 30 decibels at night compared with 70/80 decibels in the city (here you can hear the sound of the clock ticking)
  • Significantly better air quality in the countryside thanks to the surrounding trees and vineyards.


  • The swimming pool is the perfect place in which to relax, either in the sun or under the shade of the nearby trees.
  • Walking in the Villa’s beautiful gardens provides further opportunities for relaxation and perhaps the enjoyment of tasting some of the ripened fruits from the trees. The same fresh fruit is offered to guests in the afternoon at the edge of the pool. The same fresh fruit that is served in the restaurant along with the Villa’s own or local vegetable production.


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed outdoors, surrounded by the famous vineyards of Valpolicella with a breath-taking view of the nearby hills.
  • Maximum comfort in all the bedrooms is ensured by the acoustic insulation in both the floors and ceilings, the doors and windows. Soft mattress covers with feather-light eiderdowns and quality cotton sheets will provide guests with a perfect night’s sleep.


  • Original furnishings with antiques, paintings and beautiful artwork combine to recreate the atmosphere of the past with carefully chosen colours and high-quality finishes.
  • As in the past, a cosmopolitan clientele chooses to stay at the villa for lunches, dinners, and music evidencing that little has changed over time, nothing new has been invented.
  • The hotel staff are discreet and professional and will always respect our guests’ desire for privacy whilst being readily available to assist with any requirements you may have.
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