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The deluxe rooms are in total 4 units, located on the ground floor, on the first and second floor of the villa. Some rooms have access to a private garden. All rooms enjoy fantastic views of the park, the hills or the garden. All beds are sommier double beds with antique headboards and velvet upholstery or mixed silk. Sound insulation is ensured by lead and cork coatings on floors and ceilings. The ceilings are decorated either in wood and brick decoration on top floors. The changing colors of fabrics are based on Paolo Veronese’s sixteenth century pictorial tradition. The floors on the ground floor are made in “Venetian seminato” The floors of the upper floors are in wood. All the bathrooms are covered in marble and feature peculiar features, some have bathtub, others shower, others jacuzzi, others have blue onyx designs.

why you love it
    • A great charm
    • antique headboards
    • antique furniture
    • Luxury bathroom
    • marble flooring
    • exclusive toiletries
    • comfort & relax
    • eiderdown and feather pillows
    • private garden
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