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The origins


Quar means fourth mile from the city of Verona. Along its ancient walls runs a Roman Imperial Way: Claudia Augusta (47th C.).
Originally it was a mansio (from the Latin manère that means staying) with shops on the ground floor, garden market, stables and rooms on the first floor. Maybe we can say one of the oldest hotels in the world!
It becomes a castle in the 13th century, during the “Scaligero” period; then it took the form of the current building between 1,500 and 1,600. The structure is completed by an Oratory of the second half of the eighteenth century. In the friezes of the sixteenth-century building, the Goddess Minerva is represented in the form of a warrior with a shield and the Aegis with the head of Gorgona or Medusa, which are both signs of protection of the house.


25° year of opening


Villa del Quar returns to be a hotel in 1993 following the philological restoration of the architect Leopoldo Montresor, who is also the current owner. We are an independent Italian hotel, we are not conditioned by international chains but we respect all international standards for a luxury hotel and when we can we go further. Everything reminds the atmosphere of a Venetian Villa, from fabrics to furnishings, to floor finishes (Venetian concrete flooring), to the colors of the walls (Venetian stucco and spatula wall design with polished lime). We are proudly members of the regional institute of the Venetian Villas. Villa del Quar is a national monument.

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