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the garden

The tidy nature


Simple but rich in flowers, scents, colors. Gazebo, large pool, fountain, jasmine bows, obelisk, big cast iron pots and olives, vines and fruit plants: A “Locus amoenus” far from the tensions and noise, protected by the ancient walls. The concept is to have near the buildings the organization of the paths with gravel and English lawns embellished with flowers, olive trees, palm trees, especially around the pool; everything slowly fades towards another order, the one of the vineyards, also organized and ordered.



There are blackbirds who know very well that they do not run any danger and they let people approach them; magpies, squirrels, a cuckoo and an owl. The jasmine bows mark the paths and delimit the organized spaces. 2 large cast iron pots, one white and one black are placed at the intersection of 2 lanes in a non-symmetrical position: ying and yang. 17th-century statues enrich the garden, together with terracotta pots, stones and a lapidarium with stones dated from 1100 to 1700. An obelisk is located in the garden to the east, glancing at its summit from the jasmine arc you can see on the eastern hillside a group of cypresses delimiting an ancient manuscript of Roman times.

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