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Villa in Exclusive

Villa of Roman Age (47 AD) – Castello Scaligero (1100 AD) – Villa Veneta (1539) – National Monument (1978)

Villa del Quar as location, for the presence of numerous stays, for all services, for the large park areas, is well suited for events of one or more days exclusively for:


Special events


Parties and Recurrences

Courses and Workshops

Meetings and Groups



1- The totality of the Villa served as hotel services: 13 suites, 12 double rooms – see dedicated page

2- The west wing: 5 Suites and Junior Suites.

It is possible to use the parking inside the protected property and hidden by the ancient city walls.

Outside there is a helicopter landing pad both private and for elitaxi service.

During your stay you will enjoy all the attention and protection of our Staff, you will just have to dedicate yourself to welcome and entertain your guests as the perfect Owners of the Villa “Padroni di Casa”, we will take care of the rest.


Dimora Patrizia with original antique furnishings


You will be able to live with your guests for a few days an extraordinary experience and emotion as you were the owners of the Venetian Villa. You can organize with our trusted staff, our collaboration and supervision Gala dinners, elegant parties in suggestive and always different spaces with the whole Villa just for you and your guests


In addition to the 25 rooms (13 Suite and 12 double rooms), you will have the following available spaces:

The Hall Reception, The Hall bar, The Medieval portico (the meeting living room in the Barchessa fpr up to 110 people), The park of 15,000 square meters, protected by the Brolo of 25,000 square meters surrounded by high walls, parking along the tree-lined avenue, the exclusive parking inside the Brolo, of the helicopter landing pad, the gardens, the swimming pool, the jogging track. You can use all the rooms for catering (Eurosia, Trésor, The medieval hall, the gazebo, The Tea living room), the kitchen and bars with all the hotel staff according to schedules and procedures described below and / or to be agreed.

You only have to think about what kind of events you want to organize!

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