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Special Events Need Special Places
Very often on the occasion of celebrations, parties, baptisms or communions, alternative solutions are sought because we don’t want to cook and organize everything in our home. In some cases, we may pay a catering service with strangers who come in to work in our home.
In other instances, we go to restaurants with a private room where, actually, it is difficult to be truly private.

What do you need?

– A room that is entirely separate from other guests
– Reception rooms in which to entertain, chat and exchange gifts with the same intimacy as if you were in your own family environment
– Exclusive spaces with professional employees at your disposal to provide impeccable service for your personalized event
– Outdoor spaces where the children can play
– Accommodation with baby-changing facilities or rooms in which they can rest.

  • The Tea Room
    • wing east
    • Surface 70.00 sqm
    • Capacity 25/30 people
    • One of the most secluded rooms, with paved outdoor space and covered with curtains in contact with the garden. With two living areas and in the center the space for lunch / dinner .. Rich in light, with large windows that open onto the terrace and the garden. Completely independent: maximum capacity 25/30 people. Room n. 4 in use for services and for the eventual rest of the younger children.
  • The Medieval Room
    • west wing
    • Surface 150 sqm
    • Capacity 50 people
    • Suite n. Can be given in use 26, on the ground floor for services, for the eventual rest of small children and to reach the private garden to the north. It is a splendid room with a great atmosphere, with the west wall of the eleventh century which was one of the perimeter walls of the Scaligero castle. From this room the ancient cellar can be reached. They are all fascinating spaces with an incredible atmosphere.
  • Roman cellar
    • Surface 150 sqm
    • West wing
    • Capacity 20 people
    • Fascinating wine cellar of 47 AD where the wines are stored for the restaurant me where you can organize both wine tasting with our three wines: Satyrus, Ausia and Sublitis with finger food paired or dinners with dishes from the Roman period taken from recipes Marco Gavio Apicius of Imperial Rome.
  • Greenhouse
    • Surface 200 sqm
    • Capacity 150 people
    • Made of iron and stained glass with tropical plants and flowers overlooking the garden
  • Sala Trèsor
    • Surface 50 sqm.
    • Capacity 30/35 people
    • Of great charm and elegance
  • Sala Eurasia
    • Surface 70 sqm.
    • Capacity 50 people
    • It is the ancient Church
  • Garden
    • Surface mq. 600 square meters
    • Capacity up to 200 people
    • Spectacular in summer for the microclimate and fresh air in the evening
  • Gazebo
    • Surface 150 sqm.
    • Capacity up to 40 people
    • Spectacular in summer for the microclimate and fresh air in the evening
  • Conference room
    • Surface 150 sqm.
    • Capacity up to 100 people
    • It is obtained in the Barchessa of 1539
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