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the roman cellar

  • An experience as in time of the ancient Romans

    The structure of the cava runs parallel to the longer side, albeit at a lower altitude, of the old Roman road "Claudia Augusta", both of 47 d.C.

    The cava was the "caneva" (wine cellar) with bottles and barrels of the old property. You can reach it from the portico and down a beautiful staircase delimited by a vault that introduces to the microclimate of the cellar. Four deep niches with Adige stone floor and the vaults represent the ventilation system. Nowadays the cava has a ventilation and de-humidification system.

    The floor of the cellar is tiled, placed on an antique design. On the two opposite short sides are represented by a part 2 "cherubim" that dance and transmit a sense of joy, while on the opposite side this concept is exposed by the face of a drunken satyr.

    The wines are housed in wooden structures with independent cells specially designed so that each bottle can remain still. Above these structures there are 3 plaster busts to protect the contents. The illumination is guaranteed by six iron torches, whose design was inspired by a painting by Tiziano of 1576: the martyrdom of San Lorenzo.

    The main door dates back to the 16th century and consists of iron tablets assembled with simple rivets. The wine list, made up of more than 700 labels from around the world, has been awarded the "Best Award of Excellence" by Wine Spectator for several consecutive years.
  • Reviews Rome

    With the menu of Marco Gavio Apicio, (famous gourmet of the Imperial Rome) we organize dinners in the old cava, in a fantastic atmosphere with dishes of a unique elegance in combination with our wines. To see the menu, follow this link.
  • Wine tasting

    In the beautiful region of Valpolicella, land of the famous Amarone wine, we will accompany you on a charming wine tasting tour of Villa del Quar with the valuable guide of our expert sommelier. After a lovely visit to the vineyards you will enter the magical atmosphere of the Roman cava. In this place rich in history you can taste and learn the characteristics of our three exclusive wines with Latin labels: Satyrus, Ausia, Sublitys, produced with grapes from our vineyards of the Villa. Our tasting will be accompanied by hors d'oeuvres and appetizers prepared by our Chef. The dishes served have been specifically designed to improve the organoleptic characteristics of each wine served. The cost is 68 euros per person and it is necessary to book in advance.
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