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West Wing Area on Exclusive Use

It consists of five suites and junior suites, all furnished with antique furniture, including two with its own garden and a large living room called “Medieval living room” with a surface of 150 sq.m., where up to 40 people can be organized exclusively for their guests:





It is a splendid solution with a great atmosphere, very very charming, with the west wall of the XI century which was one of the perimeter walls of the Scaliger Castle. It runs parallel to the Via Claudia Augusta built by Emperor Claudius around the year 50 D.C. The roof is trussed in wood, large pillars of tufa support the large windows that give on the internal garden of the Villa.


From this room you can reach the old Roman cellar of the Restaurant where interesting wine tastings are organized. They are all spaces with a charming atmosphere.

The upper levels are reached either by an ancient staircase or by an elevator, which in the case of the suite n.29 becomes private.

The guests can access from the hotel lobby, by walking through the villa’s garden and from the main entrance of the villa along the garden in complete privacy.

Access can also be made from the Villa gate without going through the hotel for the maximum privacy and the check-in can be done in the medieval hall.


It is a charming Suite with a spectacular atmosphere, with an ancient Scaliger wall from the 12th century, both antique and modern tapestries and furnishings. All spaces are equipped with free wi-fi


There are 4 possible solutions:

  • Elite West Wing
    • 5 suites and j. Suite
    • Mq. 400 without salon
    • With independent access for maximum privacy
    • Private elevator
  • Exclusive West Wing
    • 4 suites and j. Suites
    • Mq. 475 with living room
    • Independent access for maximum privacy
    • Private elevator
    • Exclusive lounge in use
    • 5 suites and j. Suite
    • MQ. 550 with lounge
    • With independent access for maximum guest privacy
    • Private elevator
    • Medieval Exhibition in exclusive use
  • West Wing Premium
    • 4 suites and j. Suite
    • Mq. 325 without salon
    • Independent access for maximum privacy
    • Private elevator
    • No salon in exclusive use
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